Tides of the Dollar Moon (A Poem)

Tides of the Dollar Moon

 A planet to its Star must look
The planet no less needs its moon.
As the Sun is the store of energy, New.
The moon drives and regulates currents,
of the tides , time and the nature of things.
That Golden Orb gives all
That silvery Moon regulates all
Both work together even as the other
Seemingly sleeps and yet currents
of the tides, Time and the nature of things pass.
On the nature of Man made things
On a standard of gold which
Jennings would not be crucified upon ,
That cross Of Gold-alone hard food of Midas.
No tides to complement the Orb
For Silver was its currency,
the Silvery moon to that crosses Golden Sun
which means of exchange fed the common man
The Silver Moon drives and regulates
Currencies of the tides, Time and the nature of things.
Time passed and Man forsakes the Golden Orb
and its silvery moon. No credit he gave
to drivers of Tides, Time and the nature of things
Fiat of imperial rule enforces debts,
new tides in political Economy.
FIAT dictates the new tides of Commerce.
Ephors of debt above and astride the law.
No silvery moon complementary to the Golden Orb.
There are no tides by means of which the common man
may be fed. Hard food of Midas alone- Starvation.
King Kanute Like those ephors
wave bidding the advancing tide backwards
Still they advance tides in a tsunami of debt
Tides of a Dollar moon by fiat
Hegemonic Tides of the Dollar Moon.

Roger G Lewis (2016)


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When I tweets I laugh and when I laugh they Shits themselves. Twitterrea, Trump and Media skidmarks.

When I laughs I farts and when I farts I shits myself,
HA HA , Baarp, oops there I goes Again.

Hold the Front page

If you follow the Duncan Campbell Spook posts on this blog you will get some idea of the Globalist Electronic surveillance nexus known variously as Echelon, Zircon Click on text below for a full Duncan Campbell report to the European Union intelligence committee for the Nexus of international spookery that help each other out to circumvent local or nation legal niceties.

ECHELON AND ITS ROLE IN COMINT 1. Since the publication of the 1997 STOA report on the “Technology of Political Control” (TPC) and the 1998 STOA report “Interception Capabilities 2000” (IC2000), hundreds of pages of newspaper and magazine articles and many hours of television have been published and broadcast around the world concerning “Echelon”. Very few of these reports have added original new information. The majority of reports have enlarged on the actual nature of interception systems and their capabilities in ways which are not supported by the original reports on which they purport to rely. These enlarged claims have often been distorted further by tertiary and other derivative reportage. 2. An inevitable consequence of this media phenomenon is that the nature of Echelon has been widely misunderstood and misreported. Essentially, the word now has two contexts. The first meaning is the strict and specific sense in which original writers have used it to refer to a subsub-component of the Signals Intelligence (Sigint) system run by the United States and its allies. Its secondary meanings are as a generic term for COMSAT intelligence collection, and/or for all Sigint, and/or for the English speaking signals intelligence alliance (UKUSA). In its extreme form, it has become a quasi-mythological icon for all forms of technological surveillance, and hence a focus for technophobic opposition to perceptions of uncontrolled state power. For example, we have had one internationally organised “Jam Echelon Day”; there may be more.1 3. The same multiple and enlarged meanings have also confused and misled detractors who have criticised the concerns expressed by some Europeans and by the European Parliament. Many of these responses, which have often been sneering and/or ill-informed in character, have been published in the U.S. press. With some exceptions, these criticisms have been directed at the highly enlarged and mainly mythical and unsourced accounts of its capabilities appearing in secondary or tertiary reporting. They are thus of as little value as the reporting that they attack. 4. It is appropriate to point out that the “IC2000” report which I wrote was not a report on Echelon. It was a report on Comint, and covered many other types of interception including from satellite platforms, land cables, on the seabed, by high frequency radio and so on. 




SO let´s take the denial or Back-sliding interview. First, before seeing the article in first stage preparation for the memory hole, note the headline is changed, whether before or after the event of Presidents Trumps tweets I can not tell you.

Find the article on line.



A fedearated Pound Striling and a Federated Euro Subsidiartity and complementary Currencies.

Roger Lewis MAR 19, 2017
The comments here are actually much more acute, than the article its self. The article is Ok and the comments curiously complete it. It is nice to see that this neo liberal propaganda sheet is not acting as an EU echo Chamber.
Karl Bilt says elsewhere on this site what is needed is more Europe and less Brussles, that is in short less Centralisation and exclusive commison competences and much, much, more Subsidiarity.
Curiously Gordon Brown this sites Executive editor, has gone on record regarding Scottish independence and the currency which the Newly independent scots would use. Mr Brown suggests a federated Bank of England with branches with money issuing and taxation raising powers in the devolved assemblies. A federated EURO and ECB seems like a workable ambition, with a complementary currency element along the lines of Bernard Leitaers Terra for the EURO in international trade and national and regional currencies within the individual EU states.
The problem with European politicians brought up in the neo liberal technocratic tradition is that they have no idea when it comes to monetary history, its a very large lacuna in the thinking of this generation of political leadership in the European institutions and in National executives.

The EU is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding treaty, the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community. There is indeed much to celebrate, and yet the Union is mired in a deep existential crisis, and appears…



Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Mr Brown addressed the Festival of Ideas, in Kirkcaldy, Fife, where he called for the repatriation to Scotland of £800m spent by the EU.
‘Not the time’
He also proposed that the Bank of England becomes the Bank of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern 
Ireland, with fully-staffed representation in Scotland, “to reinforce the fact that the pound is for everyone”.
Mr Brown was the main architect of “The Vow”, a promise of more powers for Holyrood, which many believe boosted the No vote ahead of the Scottish independence referendum in September 2014.

https://player.vimeo.com/video/27896719?color=ffffff&byline=0&portrait=0 Lietaer: Ecology of monetary systems – terra, C3 and time currency from ELIACE on Vimeo.


Searching for ´´Intelligence´´, in the EU. Brexit and common intelligence and defence. Is it all NATO?

What are the Intelligence capabilities of the EU? who does the EU spy on. All states have spooks, the EU sees itself as and has taken for itself the trimmings of Statehood, even if it pretends otherwise. So who are the EU´s spooks, where is and what does the EU deep state do?

Daniel Ganser´s, Gladio Europes stay behind armies seems like an interesting starting point,

but further,  the report of surveillance by Duncan Campbell in 2001 is also worthy of some consideration.



In 1988, Duncan revealed in the New Statesman the existence of ECHELON, an extension of the UKUSA Agreement on global signals intelligence [Sigint]. The story, ‘Somebody’s listening,’ detailed how the eavesdropping operations were not only being employed in the interests of ‘national security,’ but were regularly abused for corporate espionage in the service of US business interests.


The piece passed largely unnoticed outside of journalism circles. Then in 1996, New Zealand reporter, Nicky Hager, published ‘Secret Power,’ a thorough investigation of New Zealand’s role in signals intelligence. In 1998 and 1999 respectively, the European Parliament/ Science and Technology Option Assessment [STOA] published reports by Leeds Metropolitan University Lecturer, Steve Wright (‘Technology of Political Control’) and Campbell’s ‘Interception Capabilities 2000″.


The report was presented to the European Parliament in 2000, who commissioned further reports the following year – ‘Interpection Capabilities 2001’.

On these pages, you will find original stories and reports; we have also included press reactions and a collection of videos that examine Echelon’s function in the world.

Somebody’s listening…

In the booming surveillance industry they spy on whom they wish, when they wish, protected by barriers of secrecy, fortified by billions of pounds worth of high, high technology. ECHELON is revealed!

12 August, 1988

Interception Capabilities 2000

‘IC 2000’ is Duncan’s original report to the European Parliament. Considered to be the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of ECHELON’s function in global intelligence operations, it garnered significant praise.

EPIC Report

Duncan’s report for the Electronic Privacy Information Center [EPIC], based in Washington DC which investigated the US National Security Agency’s use of surveillance and it’s effect on human rights.

ICIE2001:Echelon and its role in COMINT

Paper 1 of Duncan’s ‘Interception Capabilities: Impact & exploitation 2001’ clarifies many of the misconceptions and misreporting of Echelon.

ICIE2001: COMINT Impact on international trade

Using detailed, entirely American original sources, ‘Paper 2’ argues the significant economic and employment losses caused by Echelon’s misuse.

ICIE2001: COMINT, privacy and human rights:

‘Paper 2’ reveals the extent to which Echelon and Communications intellelligence is purposed towards the protection of US interests over European ones.

EU Parliament Resolution

The full European Parliament resolution on Echelon.

Ex-CIA director on Echelon

Former-CIA director James Whoolsey remarks on Echelon at the foreign press centre in Washington DC in 2000.


A timeline of the changes in Echelon’s history, going back to 1964.

“Success stories”

A list of cases where Echelon was used for industrial espionage purposes.

Duncan’s reports on Echelon received significant attention and praise:

  • “This is by far the most authoritative document ever prepared on just what snooping is being done into your and my telecommunications”. Sunday Programme, Channel 9 TV, Australia : 23 May 1999
  • “The report is undoubtedly the most comprehensive look at Echelon to date because of its attention to detail — [and] the NSA’s use of technology” Wired, 10 May 1999.
  • “Son investigation est tout à fait explosive; elle rappelle, détails a l’appui, que l’appareil de renseignement américain, et son appendice britannique, espionne et traque les communications internationales depuis le début du siècle”. Le Point, 21 May 1999
  • “Eine Vorstellung wie aus der Phantasie eines Paranoikers: Ob wir über Handy oder Festnetz telefonieren, E-Mail schreiben, Dateien übers Internet verschicken – kein Wort sei sicher vor dem Zugriff internationaler Geheimdienste, die systematisch und in großem Maßstab nahezu alle Wege, auch den zivilen elektronischen Datenverkehr, belauschen und für ihre Zwecke auswerten”. Der Spiegel, 21 May 1999.
  • “I believe that it’s time that there is some congressional scrutiny of the Echelon project … Echelon has raised some questions about fundamental policy and constitutional rights.” US Congressman and former CIA General Counsel Bob Barr, (quoted in Wired, 10 May 1999)

ECHELON press referencing Duncan:

Is U.S. a Global Snoop? No, Europe Is Told

I woke up this morning with this question
Is there intelligence in the EU?
Searching for intelligence in the EU. Brexit and common intelligence and defence. Is it all NATO?

Neil Newman was feeling disgusted.
Once Article 50 is signed, it is ***IMPOSSIBLE*** without the unanimous agreement of the rest of the EU for there to be a “Meaningful vote” in Parliament, my dear Peers.
therefore, to protect the rights of the EU citizens here it MUST be in the Bill itself.
Therefore the Govt and Davis Davis are LYING to you.
and you Labour Party are knowingly breaking your word to the Public.

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Hi Neil,

I have read that several times and it does not make sense to me.
Article 50 triggers a process. Whatever is then negotiated is on the one side subject to the vote of the EU Parliament, or on technical or legal points the European Court.On the other side,
In the UK, whatever happens, is subject to our own legislature, meaning; The House of Commons, The House of Lords, and the Judiciary, ultimately the Supreme Court, we have seen these Apparatus in action with the Gena Miller case which has been wonderful from a constitutional pedagogy point of view.

The great reform bill as I understand it proposes to Port all of EU law into English law and then to embark on a process of auditing testing amending or repealing based upon the requirements of the British isles and its own domestic and foreign policy. To protect EU citizens rights as withAusterity the Government of the day has a political choice to make and the Government of the day will respond to public opinion especially around election time, in the FPTP voting system it is much more important that governments pay attention at that time the rest of the time under the competing elites model of democracy Governments generally ignore public opinion.

It is interesting ironic and paradoxical that Sovereignty of Parliament, Sovereignty of the crown, Sovereignty of the people and Sovereignty of the City of London and the Corporate legal fiction´s sovereignty are all in the melting pot with this one.

The key here is to understand that Austerity is a choice made in Political Economy and conferring residency status and the rights of a British Subject (we are subjects, not citizens) onto EU citizens resident in the UK are socio-political choices.
There is no evidence that the UK Government even this May Government which is much more neo-liberal than it is Tory, will have any worse chance of making an egalitarian and fair and just decision regarding EU citizens rights than the EU Commission will propose for a rubber stamp from the EU Parliament. I think Boris Johnson is the greatest threat to a more one nation tory type of approach with his mumblings about Rules based international liberal orders.


Neil Newman
Neil Newman Hi Roger, I’m afraid none of that made any sense to me.

it seems quite simple. The UK is a member of a voluntary club, the EU. The EU set rules about leaving the club. Those rules state that once the leaving process is started by the signing of A50, it can then only be reversed by unanimous agreements of everyone still in the club.

after all, so far “Brexit” has cost the World between 100-200 billion pounds Sterling. Such matters are incredibly important. This is NOT “steaming out of an interview in a rage”.

this is why generally important matters are kept out of the hands of politicians. Politicians in the main only care about tabloid headlines and “high polls”, with a strong side-wish of greasy palms.

I don’t see how “Austerity” fits into the argument.

so all in all, a bit opaque for me there ol buddy.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Neil, are you claiming the UK can only leave the Eu under Article 50 if the European Parliament votes to agree the Uk can do that? If you look at the supreme court ruling you will find that is not what they thought.
See top page 33.
´´article 50 provide
s that withdrawal must be effected by
a member state “in accordance with [its] constitutional requirements”
Are you further arguing for a technocracy as politicians can not be trusted, or is it only European Parliamentarians that have the right stuff.
On the other stuff, I can have a go at clarifying it further tomorrow. But I think it makes sense if read slowly.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis On the point I made on Austerity Neil, I meant only that it is a political choice as is the choice of the UK government to honour the rights of EU citizens working in the UK after Brexit takes effect.
The idea of a Juggernaut whilst impressively scar
y is I think a little over done, the institutions in the Uk are deeply flawed and un democratic almost as deeply flawed and undemocratic as the EU. I happen to think the Eu is further committed to a destructive corporate agenda involving suppression of European indigenous cultures. The UK has its fair share of people with power who also subscribe tot hat view but I think Brexit is an opportunity to get UK back to a workable path towards democracy which hopefully will help other European Nations to do the same.
More Europe but less Brussels, is a good way of putting it as Karl Bildt said recently.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Hi Neil, The EU and the UK are basically the titanic of Globalism which is sinking. Brexit is a Lifeboat or a deckchair and Remain is a deck chair or a lifeboat. You takes your choice and pays your money.I wrote this last November.See More

Is Brexit a Lifeboat or a Deckchair? The World Economy is in trouble, it is based upon an…

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Neil, the leap is a conscious leap that many are ignorant of both the British Constitutional system and the evolution of the EU system is a matter of design by the governors and indifference on the part of the governed.
Democracy is an emergent process
 both in the UK and in the EU and the EU member states, All that the Coalition Government and the Cameron Administration from 2015 were able to do to the NHS was achieved under the EU regime and only built upon ´New´´Labours efforts at that. Outside of the EU, the political choices will not be deflected by blaming the EU. Another convenient excuse or good cop bad cop routine is the one between the ´´Markets´´for which read Banks, and Government budget restraints. 
The idea that the EU has somehow been a restraint on neo-liberal policies or the Growth of financialised state monopoly capitalism is ludicrous. The EU is a major building block of the whole Globalisation process.
At this stage, one needs to make a clear distinction between Globalisation and Internationalism.

How one deals with steering the UK away from Austerity and the debt money lie is the challenge we face and that challenge is not only faced at the European Level, there is a whole structure of World Trade under WTO, World Bank, IMF and International Bank of Settlements that have institutionalised the Neo-Liberal elitist regime at a high finance level over and above ´´Democratic´´Government structures, this is ´´Market ´´Discipline for which read discipline by Banks.

As far as Blind leaps go, it truly is a case of the Blind leading the blind as the pot calls the kettle black and the tone deaf are set the task of judging how harmonious the glorious political cacophony truly is.

Neil Newman
Neil Newman can i massively simplify? If we roughly divide ‘reality’ into 3 story camps, 1984, Brave New World, & Evolutionary Sanity.

1984 can be equated to Brexit. Dropping out of the EU under THIS govt will lead to UK break-up, and total removal of social security and NHS. This leads to the wars of 1984, and our eventual joining America after £ goes under.

Brave New World only comes about if we avoid that fate. It is the world of Corporate/Class ‘scientific’ stratification, where 19th Century ‘Liberal’ ideas of “compassionate slave-holding” comes true, with its “happy slaves” and chemically/sociologically-induced strata from Alphas downwards.

we can see both of those ‘worlds’ happening now, of course, both are possible future pathways with solid roots in the NOW. 

you are seemingly currently more concerned with BNW than with 1984. Perhaps you have data i do not. But i assure you, it’s not that i’m UNCONCERNED with that – but that future is decades away, and can be prevented by organised labour – unions – far more easily than 1984 can be averted, which is happening NOW.

if we – global, Western – can avoid those two fates, and also get global WMDs under check by new START treaties, and also move towards perma-sustainability rather than (more) resource-wars, and clean up the corporate banking/Corporation sector again as they did in the 19th, and end poverty-inducement in the 3rd World so they can also develop in a sustainable way and enter the Web Age, – then perhaps the common-sense of 4Bn years of evolutionary pressure will win out over our egos, we can explore outer and inner space freely, and all manner of evolutionary possibilities can be tried.

lol, there’s more chance of a Pope saying birth control and divorce might not be the greatest sins of all time!! 😀

….oh wait up…. o.O

what i’m saying is i get your concerns. But, rightly or wrongly, rampant insanity, subjectivity gone mad, Story-telling Uber Alles fruit-and-nutiness, crazy talk; i feel that Brexit RIGHT NOW, WITH THESE CLOWNS IN CHARGE, is the worst possible choice to make imaginable.

if you haven’t read 1984 recently its worth a gander, legal free versions online. And you must be aware that Brexit will lead to: http://www.newstatesman.com/…/hunger-filth-fear-and…

peace dude. I haven’t yet watched the CO2 vid yet, sorry. Will get around to it though. 🙂 [I need some hope lol 😉 ]

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis It is funny you should mention 1984, Orwell, and Brave New World HG Wells, Are we living in 1984 or Animal farm?
I have this past 2 – 3 weeks read most of Well´s non-fiction output, I am presently writing the third part to a poetry Trilogy, Usury, Bourgeoisie and Globalisation.
Here are my notes.
See More

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Finally Neil, Big Brother arrived long, long before 1984, Duncan Campbell had already been warned off by 1977 (eavesdroppers) Take a look at some of my recent links to Duncan´s work on my blog or preferably directly. Duncans Work is still massively suppressed on the web. Which reminds me I was going to spend some time today looking for EU intelligence (; https://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/…/last…


Last Night In Berlin, Raiding the memory Hole. Duncan Campbell Extraordinary Journalist.

Getting Duncan Campbells work out of the memory hole.
Seamus Milnes review in the Guardian of a book about BBC Bias brought Duncan back into my own mind´s eye, I remember seeing some of his programmes back in the 1980´s.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis The Media as the 4th estate is supposed to be a balance against the other estates,. Trump’s opposition is the Democratic Party, and peculiarly now also parts of the Republican party. The Fourth Estate is failing and has failed for many years to hold the other estates to account, the concentration of media ownership has had a huge part in this process.


The Case of Alistair Milne written by his own Son.

) is a societal or political force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized.…

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis ´´By the time the BBC’s offices in Glasgow were raided by Special Branch over a film that was never broadcast about a secret British intelligence satellite that was never launched, preparations to sack the director general were far advanced.´´ And so to Duncan Campbell.

Duncan Campbell (journalist)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about freelance investigative journalist. For The Guardian journalist, see Duncan Campbell (journalist, born 1944). For other people, see Duncan Campbell.
Duncan Campbell
Duncan Campbell at DeepSec .jpg

Duncan Campbell at DeepSec In Depth Security Conference 2015
Born 1952 (age 64–65)
GlasgowScotlandUnited Kingdom
Nationality British
Alma mater
Occupation Investigative journalist
Years active 1975–present
Known for
Duncan Campbell (born 1952) is a British freelance investigative journalist, author, and television producer. Since 1975, he has specialised in the subjects of intelligence and security services, defence, policing, civil liberties and, latterly, computer forensics. He was a staff writer at the New Statesman from 1978–91 and associate editor (Investigations) from 1988–91. He was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act in the ABC trial in 1978 and made the controversial series Secret Society for the BBC in 1987 (see Zircon affair). In 1988, he revealed the existence of the ECHELON surveillance program.

Early life[edit]

Born in Glasgow in 1952, Campbell was brought up and educated in Dundee. His mother was a mathematician who worked at Bletchley Park under Alan Turing.[1] As a pupil at the High School of Dundee, an independent school, he first trained in computer programming aged 16, taught computer languages, and undertook programming in scientific computers languages. He gained three ‘S’ levels (the old Scottish equivalent to ‘A’ levels) in physics, chemistry, and maths, and then an open scholarship to Brasenose College, Oxford, graduating in 1973 with a First Class Honours degree in physics. The following year, Campbell completed a one-year MSc in Operational Research at the University of Sussex; the course included psychology, economics, accountancy, and model building. He later told The Independent: “It was extremely useful. It was not difficult to make the grades, though they’ll hate me for saying so”.[2]

Early journalism[edit]

After leaving Sussex University, Campbell became a journalist on Brighton Voice. Founded in March 1973 by Roy Carr-Hill and George Wilson, the paper’s content followed broadly anarcho-socialist principles, focusing on housing, the police, gay rightscivil liberties, the environment, unemployment, anti-racism, fascism, and women’s rights.[citation needed]
He was also a regular contributor to New Scientist and Time Out magazines, which during the early 1970s had a much more radical editorial remit. In 1976, Campbell wrote a seminal story for Time Out, co-authored with Mark Hosenball, called “The Eavesdroppers”.[3] It was the first time the British news media printed the acronym GCHQ, which stood for Government Communications Headquarters, a highly secretive arm of the British secret services, responsible for communications interception.
The article led to the forcible deportation of its American co-author, Hosenball.[4] Campbell, who could not be deported, was instead placed under MI5 surveillance, which included the tapping of his phones. The following year, Campbell agreed to talk with ex-signals intelligence operator, John Berry, at Berry’s home. He was accompanied by fellow Time Out reporter, Crispin Aubrey. After a three-hour conversation, Special Branch arrested the three under the Official Secrets Act 1911, in what became known as the ABC trial.
In 1982, Campbell published War Plan UK — the Truth about Civil Defence in Britain, which revealed and discussed — often for the first time — the inadequacy and futility of the British government’s preparations in the event of nuclear war.[5]

Notable articles[edit]

In 1980, his article revealing the existence of the secret Standing Committee on Pressure Groups (SCOPG) in Hong Kong led to the revelation that most pressure groups and individual members of the Opposition were under surveillance by the colonial government. Duncan’s article asserts that Hong Kong under then governor Sir Murray MacLehose had become a dictatorship. In his words: “Hong Kong is a dictatorship; and scarcely a benevolent one.”[6]

Secret Society (1987)[edit]

The Secret Society series caused a political furore, known as the Zircon affair, in 1987. The production team behind the series was threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. Campbell’s front door was kicked down and his home searched, and Strathclyde Police raided the corporation’s Scottish headquarters in Glasgow and seized the tapes from the offices of BBC Scotland, where the series had been made. The tapes were later returned and the series broadcast on the BBC except for episode one. The BBC decided that the first episode, about secret cabinet committees, was too sensitive to show before the 1987 general election. The Thatcher government leaned on the BBC to prevent its damaging allegations from being made public.[citation needed]
  1. The Secret Constitution: Secret Cabinet Committees – about small, secret and influential Cabinet committees.
  2. In Time Of Crisis: Government Emergency Powers – Since 1982, governments in every other NATO country have been preparing for the eventuality of war. In Britain, these preparations are kept secret. So what will happen when the balloon goes up?
  3. A Gap In Our Defences – Bungling defence manufacturers and incompetent military planners have botched every new radar system that Britain has installed since World War Two. Why? And can we stop it happening again?
  4. We’re All Data Now: Secret Data Banks – The Data Protection Act is supposed to protect us from abuse, but it’s already out of date and full of loopholes. So what kind of abuses should we worry about?
  5. The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) – ACPO Making up their own law and policy. About the Association of Chief Police Officers and how Government policy and actions are determined in the fields of law and order.
  6. Communications Zircon – About GCHQ with particular reference to a secret £500 million satellite. Reference to Zircon spy satellites which the public accounts committee were not told about.

ECHELON (1988)[edit]

Campbell revealed in 1988, in an article titled “Somebody’s listening” and published in New Statesman, the existence of the ECHELON surveillance program.[7]
In 1999, he wrote a report on communications intelligence entitled Interception Capabilities 2000 for the European Parliament.[8]

Child abuse images (2005 and 2007)[edit]

In 2005 and 2007, Campbell investigated and wrote criticisms of the Operation Ore child pornography prosecutions in the UK, which exposed police errors. Additionally, he “revealed how computer evidence used against 7,272 people in the UK accused of being paedophiles had been founded on falsehoods.” These articles, “Operation Ore Exposed”[9] and “Sex, Lies and the Missing Videotape”,[10] were both published in PC Pro magazine.
The Who‘s Pete Townshend and Massive Attack‘s Robert Del Naja were both cleared of charges they accessed child abuse images through the Landslide site by the investigation detailed by Campbell in PC Pro magazine. When their credit card charges and IP addresses were traced, both men were found to have accessed sites which had nothing to do with child abuse images.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Campbell is gay, and came out in 1987,[11] and has investigated LGBT issues, including “bogus Aids and HIV medicines, quack doctors”[11]



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12 August 1988 Cover, pages 10-12


. . . and they don’t give a damn about personal privacy or commercial confidence. Project 415 is a top-secret new global surveillance system. It can tap into a billion calls a year in the UK alone. Inside Duncan Campbell on how spying entered the 21st century . . . 

They’ve got it taped

In the booming surveillance industry they spy on whom they wish, when they wish, protected by barriers of secrecy, fortified by billions of pounds worth of high, high technology. Duncan Campbell reports from the United States on the secret Anglo-American plan for a global electronic spy system for the 21st century capable of listening in to most of us most of the time

American, British and Allied intelligence agencies are soon to embark on a massive, billion-dollar expansion of their global electronic surveillance system. According to information given recently in secret to the US Congress, the surveillance system will enable the agencies to monitor and analyse civilian communications into the 21st century. Identified for the moment as Project P415, the system will be run by the US National Security Agency (NSA). But the intelligence agencies of many other countries will be closely involved with the new network, including those from Britain, Australia, Germany and Japan–and, surprisingly, the People’s Republic of China.New satellite stations and monitoring centres are to be built around the world, and a chain of new satellites launched, so that NSA and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) at Cheltenham, may keep abreast of the burgeoning international telecommunications traffic.The largest overseas station in the Project P415 network is the US satellite and communications base at Menwith Hill. near Harrogate in Yorkshire. It is run undercover by the NSA and taps into all Britain’s main national and international communications networks (New Statesman, 7 August 1980). Although high technology stations such as Menwith Hill are primarily intended to monitor international communications, according to US experts their capability can be, and has been, turned inwards on domestic traffic. Menwith Hill, in particular, has been accused by a former employee of gross corruption and the monitoring of domestic calls.The vast international global eavesdropping network has existed since shortly after the second world war, when the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand signed a secret agreement on signals intelligence, or “sigint”. It was anticipated, correctly, that electronic monitoring of communications signals would continue to be the largest and most important form of post-war secret intelligence, as it had been through the war.Although it is impossible for analysts to listen to all but a small fraction of the billions of telephone calls, and other signals which might contain “significant” information, a network of monitoring stations in Britain and elsewhere is able to tap all international and some domestic communications circuits, and sift out messages which sound interesting. Computers automatically analyse every telex message or data signal, and can also identify calls to, say, a target telephone number in London, no matter from which country they originate.A secret listening agreement, called UKUSA (UK-USA), assigns parts of the globe to each participating agency. GCHQ at Cheltenham is the co-ordinating centre for Europe, Africa and the Soviet Union (west of the Ural Mountains).The NSA covers the rest of the Soviet Union and most of the Americas. Australia–where another station in the NSA listening network is located in the outback–co-ordinates the electronic monitoring of the South Pacific, and South East Asia.With 15,000 staff and a budget of over £500 million a year (even without the planned new Zircon spy satellite), GCHQ is by far the largest part of British intelligence. Successive UK governments have placed high value on its eavesdropping capabilities, whether against Russian military signals or the easier commercial and private civilian targets.Both the new and existing surveillance systems are highly computerised. They rely on near total interception of international commercial and satellite communications in order to locate the telephone or other messages of target individuals. Last month, a US newspaper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, revealed that the system had been used to target the telephone calls of a US Senator, Strom Thurmond. The fact that Thurmond, a southern Republican and usually a staunch supporter of the Reagan administration, is said to have been a target has raised fears that the NSA has restored domestic, electronic, surveillance programmes. These were originally exposed and criticised during the Watergate investigations, and their closure ordered by President Carter.After talking to the NSA, Thurmond later told the Plain Dealer that he did not believe the allegation. But Thurmond, a right-wing Republican, may have been unwilling to rock the boat. Staff members of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said that staff were “digging into it” despite the “stratospheric security classification” of all the systems involved.The Congressional officials were first told of the Thurmond interception by a former employee of the Lockheed Space and Missiles Corporation, Margaret Newsham, who now lives in Sunnyvale, California. Newsham had originally given separate testimony and filed a lawsuit concerning corruption and mis-spending on other US government “black” projects. She has worked in the US and Britain for two corporations which manufacture signal intelligence computers, satellites and interception equipment for NSA, Ford Aerospace and Lockheed. Citing a special Executive Order signed by President Reagan. she told me last month that she could not and would not discuss classified information with journalists. But according to Washington sources (and the report in the Plain Dealer, she informed a US Congressman that the Thurmond interception took place at Menwith Hill, and that she personally heard the call and was able to pass on details.Since then, investigators have subpoenaed other witnesses and asked them to provide the complete plans and manuals of the ECHELON system and related projects. The plans and blueprints are said to show that targeting of US political figures would not occur by accident. but was designed into the system from the start.While working at Menwith Hill, Newsham is reported to have said that she was able to listen through earphones to telephone calls being monitored at the base. Other conversations that she heard were in Russian. After leaving Menwith Hill, she continued to have access to full details of Menwith Hill operations from a position as software manager for more than a dozen VAX computers at Menwith which operate the ECHELON system.Newsham refused last month to discuss classified details of her career, except with cleared Congressional officials. But it has been publicly acknowledged that she worked on a large range of so-called “black” US intelligence programmes, whose funds are concealed inside the costs of other defence projects. She was fired from Lockheed four years ago after complaining about the corruption, and sexual harassment.Lockheed claimed she had been a pook [as written] timekeeper, and has denied her charges of corruption on “black” projects. But the many charges she is reported to have made–such as the use of top secret computers for football pools, or to sell a wide range of merchandise from their offices, and deliberate and massive overcharging and waste by the company–are but small beer in a continuing and wider scandal about defence procurement. Newsham’s testimony about overcharging by contractors is now the subject of a major congressional inquiry.From US sources not connected with Margaret Newsham, we have obtained for the first time a list of the major classified projects in operation at Menwith Hill. The base currently has over 1,200 staff, more than two thirds of them Americans. Other than the ECHELON computer network, the main projects at Menwith Hill are code-named SILKWORTH, MOONPENNY, SIRE, RUNWAY and STEEPLEBUSH. The station also receives information from a satellite called BIG BIRD.Project SILKWORTH is, according to signals intelligence specialists, the code-name for long-range radio monitoring from Menwith Hill. MOONPENNY is a system for monitoring satellite communications; RUNWAY is thought to be the control network for an eavesdropping satellite called VORTEX, now in orbit over the Soviet Union The base earlier controlled a similar series of satellites called CHALET. The new STEEPLEBUSH control centre appears connected with the latest and biggest of the overhead listening satellites. These are code-named MAGNUM, according to US intelligence sources.BIG BIRD, which is not usually connected with Menwith Hill, is a low-orbiting photographic reconnaissance satellite. But investigators have worked out, from details of the clearances necessary to know about BIG BIRD, that this satellite–and indeed, many other satellites, variously disguised as “weather satellites”–also carry listening equipment. One such sigint package is said to have been aboard the doomed space shuttle Challenger, despite its ostensibly civilian purpose.Recently published US Department of Defense 1989 budget information has confirmed that the Menwith Hill spy base will be the subject of a major $26 million expansion programme. Information given to Congress in February listed details of plans for a four-year expansion of the main operation building and other facilities at Menwith Hill. Although the testimony referred only to a “classified location”, the base can be identified because of references to STEEPLEBUSH. According to this testimony, the new STEEPLEBUSH II project will cost $15 million between now and 1993. The expansion is required to avoid overcrowding and “to support expanding classified missions”.During the Watergate affair. it was revealed that NSA, in collaboration with GCHQ, had routinely intercepted the international communications of prominent anti-Vietnam war leaders such as Jane Fonda and Dr Benjamin Spock. Another target was former Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver. Then in the late 1970s, it was revealed that President Carter had ordered NSA to stop obtaining “back door” intelligence about US political figures through swapping intelligence data with GCHQ Cheltenham.Among important stations being developed in the new P415 network, sources indicated, are Bude in Cornwall, mainly run by GCHQ, Bad Aibling in Germany, and two sites in the People’s Republic of China (which are used only for monitoring the USSR). The western intelligence agencies have not yet resolved the question of how to replace the recently upgraded British intelligence listening station at Chung Hom Kok in Hong Kong (which at the moment listens to China itself) when the colony is handed back to China next decade.In Australia three months ago, New Zealand Defence Minister Bob Tizard revealed that two Australasian interception stations planned for the early 1990s will be targeted on new communications satellites launched by third world countries such as India and Indonesia. The new satellite spy bases are at Geraldton in northern Australia and Blenheim, New Zealand. The similar British spy base at Morwenstow, near Bude, Cornwall, has been continuously expanded throughout the 1980s, including the provision of massive US analysis computers.If Margaret Newsham’s testimony is confirmed by the ongoing Congressional investigation, then the NSA has been behaving illegally under US law–unless it can prove either that Thurmond’s call was intercepted completely accidentally, or that the highly patriotic Senator is actually a foreign spy or terrorist. Moreover NSA’s international phone tapping operations from Menwith Hill and at Morwenstow, Cornwall, can only be legal in Britain if special warrants have been issued by the Secretary of State to specify that American intelligence agents are persons to whom information from intercepts must or should be given. This can not be established, since the government has always refused to publish any details of the targets or recipients of specific interception warrants.When the Menwith Hill base was first set up there was no British law controlling phone tapping, or making unauthorised interception (such as by foreign intelligence agencies) illegal. Now there is, and telecommunications interception by the Americans from British territory would clearly be illegal without the appropriate warrant.When the new Interception of Communications Act was passed in 1985, however, it was obviously designed to make special provision for operations like ECHELON or Project P415 to trawl all international communications to and from Britain. A special section of the Act, Section 3(2), allows warrants to be issued to intercept any general type of international messages to or from Britain if this is “in the interests of national security” or “for the purpose of safeguarding the economic well-being of the United Kingdom”. Such warrants also allow GCHQ to tap any or all other communications on the same cables or satellites that may have to be picked up in order to select out the messages they want. So whether or not a British government warrant can legally allow American agents to intercept private British communications, there is no doubt that British law as well as British bases have been designed to encourage rather than inhibit the booming industry in international telecommunications surveillance.Both British and American domestic communications are also being targeted and intercepted by the ECHELON network, the US investigators have been told. The agencies are alleged to have collaborated not only on targeting and interception, but also on the monitoring of domestic UK communications.Special teams from GCHQ Cheltenham have been flown in secretly in the last few years to a computer centre in Silicon Valley near San Francisco for training on the special computer systems that carry out both domestic and international interception.The centre near San Francisco has also been used to train staff from the “Technical Department” of the People’s Liberation Army General Staff, which is the Chinese version of GCHQ. The Department operates two ultra-secret joint US-Chinese listening stations in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, close to the Soviet Siberian border. Allegedly, such surveillance systems are only used to target Soviet or Warsaw Pact communications signals, and those suspected of involvement in espionage and terrorism. But those involved in ECHELON have stressed to Congress that there are no formal controls over who may be targeted. And I have been told that junior intelligence staff can feed target names into the system at all levels, without any check on their authority to do so. Witnesses giving evidence to the Congressional inquiry have discussed whether the Democratic presidential contender Jesse Jackson was targeted; one source implied that he had been. Even test engineers from manufacturing companies are able to listen in on private citizens’ communications, the inquiry was told.But because of the special Executive Order signed by President Reagan, US intelligence operatives who know about such politically sensitive operations face jail sentences if they speak out–despite the constitutional American protection of freedom of speech and of the press. And in Britain, as we know, the government is in the process of tightening the Official Secrets Act to make the publication of any information from intelligence officials automatically a crime, even if the information had already been published, or had appeared overseas first.

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´´Wire Tapping ´´ Technologically Challenged Media´´Schadenfreude, It´s Like German Chocolate Cake for the soul.

With all the Hacking and Phone tapping fuss, here are a couple of cartoon strips I came across today.
Is the media really so dumb or do they know all this stuff and realise that they are essentially an ignorance factory doing a fantastic job of nurturing ignorance or are they the Ignorant leading the ignorant, or the blind leading the blind?


On ´´Wire tapping´´, Vault 7  Snowden and all that, demonstrates the fact that all data is harvested by definition and therefore ordering a wiretap or a surveillance is not necessary these days. It´s more like dialling out for a ´pizza´ for john podesta or a ´hot dog´ for president Obama, you might say.

´´Wire Tap ´´ is merely a colloquialism in this digital wirelessly networked age.

For some real Vintage surveillance porn, one has really to become acquainted with the work of Duncan Campbell and his banned television series, ´the Secret Society´. Duncan  Continues his stellar brand of Journalism, sadly not practised by the media presstitutes of Neo Liberal Globalism.

First Though a bit of ABC.

ABC Trial

Event.png ABC Trial 
ABC Trial.jpg
Date 5 September 1978 – 17 November 1978
Type criminal trial
Description An official secrets case of 1977-78 during which the UK Labour government prosecuted 3 people for holding an interview, using the Official Secrets Act 1911, a law they earlier had promised to repeal.
The ABC Trial was an official secrets case of 1977-78, when a Labour government prosecuted two journalists and a former soldier for holding an interview, using the Official Secrets Act 1911, a law they had promised to repeal years before. The ABC case (named after the three defendants: Crispin AubreyJohn Berry and Duncan Campbell) ended in November 1978, causing grave embarrassment for James Callaghan‘s Labour government.[1]
Aubrey was a journalist for Time Out magazine, Berry a former corporal in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Campbell an investigative journalist. One of the prosecution witnesses, an anonymous SIGINT officer referred to as Colonel B, was in fact Hugh Johnstone.[2]


  • 18 February 1977: Aubrey and Campbell (the two journalists) interviewed Berry
  • 20 February 1977: All three men were arrested and charged under Section 2 of the Official Secrets Act 1911 (Berry was charged with “communicating classified information to unauthorised persons”, and Campbell and Aubrey with “unauthorised receipt of classified information”)
  • 24 May 1977: Further charges were added under Section 1 of the Official Secrets Act 1911
  • 9 August 1977: Additional charge under Section 1 against Duncan Campbell, for collecting information
  • November 1977: Committal hearing at Tottenham Magistrates Court. First appearance of Colonel B as a prosecution witness.
  • 5 September 1978: Trial opens at the Old Bailey in front of Mr Justice Willis
  • 18 September 1978: Trial stopped after jury foreman exposed as a former SAS officer
  • 3 October 1978: Second trial opens in front of Mr Justice Mars-Jones
  • 24 October 1978: All Section 1 charges dropped
  • 17 November 1978: Aubrey, Berry and Campbell receive non-custodial sentences


External links


https://player.vimeo.com/video/28019140 Eavesdroppers from Duncan Campbell on Vimeo.
https://player.vimeo.com/video/49487288 Secret Society – In Time of Crisis from Duncan Campbell on Vimeo.
https://player.vimeo.com/video/48987753 Secret Society – A Gap in our Defences from Duncan Campbell on Vimeo.
https://player.vimeo.com/video/48941402 Secret Society – We’re all data now from Duncan Campbell on Vimeo.
https://player.vimeo.com/video/48875894 Secret Society – ACPO from Duncan Campbell on Vimeo.
https://player.vimeo.com/video/44948377 Secret Society – Zircon from Duncan Campbell on Vimeo.


So one sees that there really is very little new under the sun indeed Baruch Spinoza said this in 1676.

Barack Obama had some explaining to do to Chancellor Frau Merkel.


Duncan Cambell Breaks it down in this article here.

The final word and I for one, am betting that the last laugh will rest with President Donald Trump.

Schadenfreude Anyone.

#TrumpTowersTap #Faucetopen #SomethinginCommon #LastNightinBerlin

Duncan Campbell, From Eavesdroppers to CyberWars,or Honey they Tapped Trump Towers?

This is a superb presentation and yet rubbish like this http://www.salon.com/2017/03/18/oops-he-did-it-again-donald-trump-just-cant-stop-himself-from-blurting-out-state-secrets/#comments abounds on the internet. With a mere 4245 views on this as of today,18th March 2017 the youtube search algorithms and those of Google and twitter must be working overtime to suppress Duncan Campbell´s work. Secret society and a host of other wonderful material all superbly produced and presented are available on Duncans´ web-site and Vimeo channel. https://vimeo.com/user8215679/videos/page:4/sort:date http://www.duncancampbell.org/

    MUSO MUSINGS On Fatherhood Theory and STuff: Internationalism Vs Globalisation (Globalism)

    Internationalism is willing cooperation Globalisation is Authoritarian Coercion. There is a huge difference. Does Ms Jolie know the differ…




    Get the whole picture – and other photos from Roger Glyndwr Lewis




    The British ambassador to Berlin is called in to the foreign ministry over media…




    Roger Lewis
    1 hr · 


    Watch “Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System 2001” on #Vimeo













    Roger Lewis
    1 hr · 


    Over 80 US Embassies around the world conceal joint NSA-CIA “Special Collection Service” (SCS) radio and electronic surveillance equipment. The images here…




    Roger Lewis
    1 hr · 


    For students of official propaganda, manipulation of public opinion, psychological conditioning, and emotional coercion, it doesn’t get much better than…




    Roger Lewis
    1 hr · 


    as part of the Snowden revelations details 96 covert surveillance sites around the world (see legend in top left corner).  This information was available to USA and FVEY – the other “Five Eyes” countries: Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New…




    Roger Lewis
    1 hr · 


    News that Britain is operating a secret embassy-based eavesdropping site in Berlin caused a “serious diplomatic crisis between the two countries,” according to a BBC report.




    Roger Lewis
    1 hr · 


    The key visible feature of most embassy and diplomatic sites that give away their secret spying missions are large windowless areas on top floors, and also sheds or…




    Roger Lewis
    1 hr · 


    Get the whole picture – and other photos from Roger Glyndwr Lewis




    Roger Lewis
    2 hrs · 


    Get the whole picture – and other photos from Roger Glyndwr Lewis




    Roger Lewis
    2 hrs · 


    I just started following Duncan Campbell on #Vimeo:

    Duncan Campbell is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.




Internationalism Vs Globalisation (Globalism)

Internationalism is willing cooperation Globalisation is Authoritarian Coercion. There is a huge difference. Does Ms Jolie know the difference, and does she even care? To be an internationalist there have to be ´Nations`.  Neo-liberal´ globalisation does not think Nations are a thing, Neo-Liberalism is therefore not internationalist

So does anyone else see the irony of Bashing Nationalism and yet professing internationalist views? Another Hollywood privilege Wank.https://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/…/stck-in…
So does anyone else see the irony of Bashing Nationalism and yet professing internationalist views? Another Hollywood privilege Wank.https://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/…/stck-in…

So does anyone else see the irony of Bashing Nationalism and yet professing internationalist views? Another Hollywood privilege Wank.Following the Dutch election claimed as a victory against populism and in turns nationalism and therefore a vote of confidence for Neo-Liberalism and business as usual. Of course, we will see what happens in France.

I was struck today by this video of Angelia Jolie at the UN.

“A rising tide of nationalism, masquerading as patriotism.”
Angelina Jolie issued a warning to the world while speaking to the UN.



Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Internationalism is willing cooperation Globalisation is Authoritarian Coercion. There is a huge difference. Does Ms Jolie know the difference, and does she even care? To be an internationalist there have to be ´Nations`neo-liberal´ globalisation does not think Nations are a thing, Neo-Liberalism is therefore not internationalist

So does anyone else see the irony of Bashing Nationalism and yet professing internationalist views? Another Hollywood privilege Wank.

Ashley Drake 9 hrs  ·  The slide to fascism continues. Donald Trump bars New York Times, CNN, L…

On France´s upcoming vote Ranjan, we will see what happens. The same broad narratives will dominate as in this Demos report which covers. France, Spain Poland , Germany and Sweden.


Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

There is a spectre haunting Europe: a culture and politics of fear, which asserts its growing influence in myriad ways. Most visibly, in the rise of far-right populist movements, the collapse of the social contract between citizens and political institutions, and in the proliferation of authoritarian and exclusionary rhetoric.
This pan-European project has sought to capture a snapshot of the ways in which fear is manifesting in the social and political climate of six different member states: the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Sweden.

The narratives around the financial Crisis and also the Migrant/refugee crisis have been couched in terms of Global Markets, opportunity, Multiculturalism and fiscal responsibility even Climate Change. Austerity and remaining competitive in world markets is the mantra of the EU and National Politicians both Left and Right where they belong to the Danistocracy 


In a Global Economy where the System of Political Economy has not just mal functioned but seized up, we should not be surprised that many of the same issues which make up Brexit are also present in the US and France.
The Mistake many well meaning people on my side in the Left make is that Globalism and Internationalism are the same thing they are not. Internationalism is Willing Cooperation, Globalism is Authoritarian Coercion. ´´A biggly difference Sad!´´to give it some Trump spunk.

Leading on to President trump meeting with Chancellor Merkel in Washington yesterday.

My concern and interest was drawn to Frau Merkel’s insistence that TTIP as a Bilateral Trade deal should properly be placed back upon the table, she also mentioned that CETA was now in place, of course, it has to be ratified by all national parliaments so we will see.Nick Torr http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/us-makes-formal-apology…/

Nick Torr
Nick Torr “We said nothing. All we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television,” 
He’s a fucking joke. His main sources of “intelligence” are fox and Breitbart.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis It´s good to vent Nick. I did like his line about having something in common with Frau Merkel vis being ´tapped´it was in answer to the question from the Der Spiegel reporter I think the other question from the Die Welt reporter was met with a dismissive, oh such a friendly question. 

Have you ever read Breitbart? I do not do so by default but have on occasion I often read points of view I fundamentally disagree with as I feel it is an excellent foil against my own natural confirmation biases.
The part of the Press conference which concerned me most was Frau Merkel saying she hoped to get TTIP back on the table, it was after all a Bi-Lateral Treaty between the EU and the USA. And in a way she is correct, her answers around that question are very telling for those of us that see Brexit as an opportunity for Britain and British democracy but also the Nation state democracies of our European Friends, all 27 nationalities that is.
Trump is unconventional and he may well prove to be an idiot, we will see how his results card looks and the US electorate have their first chance to comment in 2018´s mid-terms. The Fed rate rise and the forthcoming Fiscal Cliff in July will be interesting. There is a huge amount of party politics in play as politicians scramble to put party power and their places at the Washington Trough ahead of the interests of Particularly ´Fly Over´America. 
What the world really needs is a new Bretton Woods conference to sort out the derivatives debt bubble.
I highly recommend Simon Thorpes Blog, his is a very clear mind on what oils the wheels of commerce and Governance, he has published an open letter to President Trump which you may also enjoy.