>Spanish Protests

>Spanish Protests

The suppression of peaceful protest in Spain against the Austerity measures of an unpopular government is very worrying. Similar suppression of protest against the recent royal Wedding makes one wonder what the public will face when the UK governments austerity measures gain full momentum. Portugal , Ireland Iceland and Greece are all being given the sort of treatment usually meted out to what are called 3rd world countries the outlook is truly alarming.
The Banking System is the garrotte around the throats of all of us and in the uK we can start to do something positive about it by showing solidarity to a campaign called one good cut which is run by Positive money.org. In the States there is an organisation called the Public Finance institute seeking to reform banking at a state level in the USA circumventing the Fed,
I wanted to start a discussion to coalesce different campaigns oin the various different countries where oppression is on the increase so we can show solidarity by pooling experience and intellectual capital to direct knowledge against the modern day Ceasars.
Just message me on face book for links to different writers and bloggers I have been following. I am new to the Activism world but I am keen to help out where I can with helping with setting up mirror sites and and data hosting etc, If a crack down on the internet happens it is important to diversify sources of information into many locations so it can be re distributed and kept flowing between those of us who wish to keep an uncensored view point in the discourse of the real politik.
Good Luck to all of thise brave and committed people standing up to Tyranny in Spain and in the other places mentioned above and the many other places under the cosh.

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