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    Gideons moldy old pasty of an economic policy. 

    How to counter the dogmatic sado masochisitc ex Etonian Kabal currently residing at noś 10 and 11 Downing Street.


    Just checking in to re affirm my commitment to this Idea David. I see it as a powerful method of getting some informed un sponsored critique of the present hedgemony into the wider mainstream debate.
    Take the GDP news and un reporting of the same on the BBC. Mish Shedlock writes on it today and Steph Flanders is given the job of spinning the up side ( The figures will be revised?)
    Just now
    It seems Gideons Pasty pasting budget is not working.
    An old etonian Toff
    was often noted to scoff
    Whilst Brosiering His dame
    Economical Actualite IS the name of the game
    I’ll tax the upper Crust off your pasty
    now your all Fagging for me
    I always preferred Cheshire PorkY Pies
    In Cuisine and in Deed you see.
    Take back the money creation power into the Commons.
    Mish on GDP.
    GDP is a very silly economic measure, by its metrics quantative easing really makes things look great of course expanding Bank reserves does nothing for the real economy unless the Banks choose to excercise their debt money creation powers.
    Will keep checking back, Greetings from a sunny Sweden.

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    Plato’s Cave, Tales from the Libetarian Drive in Cinema. 

    Roger LewisHi Robert,

    I generally resort to the cock up theory of life rather than the conspiracy theory of life. Quite often events conspire against the majority presenting a happy opportunity for some which they recognise and take advantage of.

    I think it likely that the events of 2005/6 was such a cock up which presented such an opportunity to the banking sector.

    Whilst Banking is an extremely powerful lobby and has the most power of any lobby including Big oil and Armaments due to its role as prime generator of the money supply.
    The sort of process happening now which is a drift to Fascism , not ( Marxism)., is a natural drift which capitalism inevitably goes towards a focus of power and wealth in one large block Monopoly State Capitalism.

    Marx to me was as well as a political theorist probably the greatest Economist to have written What Marx did in Kapital was to de-construct the workings and inevitable objectives of Laissez Faire capitalism and demonstrate the inevitable out comes. David Greiber in Debt the First 5000 years also demonstrates the chronology of the Hegelian dialectical nature of the process by which societies have generally seen concentrations of wealth dispersals of wealth to more egalitarian systems and a synthesis into a period of synthesis. Thesis , antithesis Synthesis.

    I have followed David Harveys Course in Reading Kapital, it is free to view on the Internet and it is an interesting course that actually reads the Text and examines its meaning , much quoting and putting words in to the mouth of Marx and interpretations of it credited directly to him without the simple expedient of referring to the text. Adam Smith is similarly abused although that is less excusable as Wealth of Nations is a modest volume almost a pamphlet by the Standards of Marx’s Das Kapital.

    Describing Obama as a Socialist, Marxist or any other sort of left wing or binary pigeon hole is actually quite distracting to the real problem in America which is that your binary system of Democratic or Republican does not represent a choice for he people the winner from either side is bank rolled by the Corporate Lobby and the role of President has been demoted to Poster Boy Or Girl for the Corporate Monopolies.

    For a dispassionate analysis of the Corporate Statist drift towards Corporatocracy I recommend this interview by Sue Supriano of K Boo Radio in Oregan.



    Its with Robert Moore and in it Moore describes his book

    “”Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World” — Moore talks about the first half of his book which focuses on the issues of hierarchy and manipulation of the people with lies…
    Richard Moore: Part 2 “Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World” — Moore talks about the second part of his book which focuses on how we can build a more localized, democratic society…

    Trilateral commission, Bilderburg Group , Cointelpro and so forth are all symptoms of the same overall propaganda and lobbying mix that promote centralist corporate monopoly power this is not Communism or Marxism but the inevitable crescendo of Capitalisms failures posited by by Marx and described described by Adam Smith. In Wealth of Nations.

    “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.”

    Adam Smith quotes (Scottish philosopher and economist, 1723-1790)
    Similar Quotes.

    1 second ago

    • Roger Lewis 6:11 am on July 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Robert Darrell Brown, Jr. • *Roger,I completely agree with you.1 hour ago • LikeRobert Darrell Brown, Jr.Follow Robert DarrellRobert Darrell Brown, Jr. • *Group,Please excuse me, I thought I deleted the part about Marxism before posting.1 hour ago • LikeRoger LewisRoger Lewis • Hi Robert,I think the Robert Moore take on history and his interpretation of State motivations and Private capitals motivations are very compelling, I was very impressed with his scholarshipand his residence in Ireland has clearly passed on more than a passing acquaintance to the magic of the Blarney stone.We do a song in our band a Cover of the Blå Tuget Ebba Grön song Stadt och Kapitalet.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya6z54IHdu0Capital increases rents.and state housing grantscan be doctored slightly.with the iron law of wages,they even pay less in wagesthan the price of food and for rent.for the state should know , damn itthe cost of living has becometoo expensive.Side by side, they help eachstate and capital, sitting the same boatthough it is not they who ROw 'rowing Rowing so sweatyand its not their fat necks the whip will tickle, tickle, norThe school's mission is as it should beto school the workforceif the brooms are to to sweep, then greatwe should not skimp on the stems.barriers and quotas and test programsis a system to screenwheat from the chaff, and was one o yeahto his right hem.Side by side, together emphasizes the frontstate and capital, two wolves helping the sheepthough They are not the one 'rowing Rowing so the sweat is drippingand whip does not tickle, tickle, ontheir fat necks.Side by side, they help eachstate and capital, sit in the same boatthough they are not the one 'rowing Rowing so sweatyand the whip does not tickle, tickle,their fat necks.The tempo is raised at the machines,This is the elite trillsproduction is no capacity for thethat has become badly wornbut lest anyone should think that there is something wrongby the heavy chordshe is regarded as a disease and treatedof the merciful working care.Side by side, together emphasizes the frontstate and capital, two wolves helping the sheepbut they are not the one 'rowing Rowing so the sweat is drippingand whip does not tickle, tickle, ontheir fat necks.Side by side …. Ah aah Aaaah Aaaaah!written originally in the early seventies by BlåTuget and covered by Ebba Grön Swedens most famous pung band in the early 80śso much Punk rock has found a new and urgent relevance.Heres Crass. Securicor.Iḿ a private in a Private Army-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S3cF4h03hwI'm a private in a private army etc..I am a working for SecuricorTake the money and come back for moreI want to do it cause I know I shouldFor the customer and the common goodI walk around with a big alsationHe'll re-arrange you with no provocationAnd I'm the bugger who has got the leadAnd you'll have to be bright if you want to get at meSecuricor cares, Securicor caresSecuricor scares the shit out of youDo you want to come closer?I block the pavement with my club and hatFind more similar lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.com/FvbDeal in money that you can't get atYou want to use me cause I'm up for rentWell tough shit, cause I'm really busyYou ought to know me cause I've been a copOut of the army where I learned a lotSome kids still chuckle when they see my vanBut it's not all money sonnyDo you want to come closer?Securicor cares, Securicor caresSecuricor scares the shit out of youDo you want to come closer?DO YOU WANT TO COME CLOSER?I'm a private in a private army etc..

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    Launch of Guitarvisation and salesvisation 


    Viking sound Cooperative in association with tfimusic.com are pleased to announce the newest sensation on the Internet.


    Based on the successful video social media platform, 123 flash, the site provides real time video interaction between Guitarists Jamming, Teachers and students interacting and touring musicians sharing tips and tricks backstage on the tour bus and from digs. Truly a cooperative structure artists and teachers receive a fair share % of revenue voted democratically  by cooperative members. Air guitar miles which members and fans can collect or purchase are fully convertible to cash via pay pal or on line banking, details on the site.



    salesvisation is also being launched by the cooperative as an on line interactive shopping experience with mom and pop music stores and independent craft retailers. Live on line interactive gear demos and sales consultations  available on line and also tech and gear tips. Virtual shopping malls of independent main street now!

    We are accepting applications for Teaching and Touring musicians now ready for the main site roll out in September beta testing with introductory bonuses and special prizes are up for grabs for early adopters whilst we iron out the inevitable server glitches.

    Applications are also being accepted for retail cooperative members. Call today for more detail, it is the same democratic fair share structure as described above. More details will be published on the beta site shortly. ( Skype is encouraged). Always leave a message if we are busy we will get back to you..


    Roger G Lewis. Joint Founder member  Viking Sound Cooperative.


    skype: rogerglewis

    Grasloksvagen 21, 26697, Hjarnarp, Sweden

    Land Line 0431 455416 ( Sweden 0046 )



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    Amusing Gifts 4 YR Axeman – Viking Sound Cooperative 

    Amusing Gifts 4 YR Axeman – Viking Sound Cooperative

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    We are Sparticus ( Burn the Chains of debt) 

    QE is pointless it merely gives an illusion of economic activity and provides an intravenous drip to the zombie Banks at the expense of main street,

    Central Bank money is not the same as the money used in the main street economy

    this type of money is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Look at Itlay´s money supply or M4 in the Uk and you will see that the black hole represented by the zombie banks is insatiable.

    Check out http://www.positivemoney.org.uk

    some excellent tutorials by Werner and Black on money extinguishing on debt repayment.


    We are Sparticus.
    (Burn your Chains of debt)

    WE ARE SPARTICUS (screamed)

    We are sparicus we can burn these paper chains of debt

    The Fat necks of the users will no longer own our sweat

    We will remember for prometheus and use his gift of fire

    we´ll burn our paper chains of debt, a massive funeral pyre.

    Oh, Burn those paper chains throw them in the fire

    own the sweat for your own sweet love

    Don´t listen to those liars

    Slaves we are to debt we live our lives bedecked in paper chains.

    We sell our Childrens futures and propaganda steals our Brains

    Chained to a rock of promises consuming our minds and souls

    Look and and understand Its a sea of lies and moving goals

    We are Sparitcus if we unite and fight

    As his fat neck sweats and he holds the yoke so tight

    Pay with love and sweat not the useres gains

    burn thoose chains and break the reins.

    Oh, Burn those paper chains throw them in the fire

    own the sweat for your own sweet love

    Don´t listen to those liars

    We are Sparitcus

    We are Sparticus


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    On Busy Fools and Useful Idiots 

    The solution to this specific problem and from there so many others is staggeringly simple but its implementation is blocked by the very powerful vested interests this current
    problem is a reiteration of the same problem that has echoed down the Ages from the time of Solon’s reforms described variously but probably most famously by Plutarch.

    David Greiber in his excellent book debt the first 5000 years has the full chronology in my mind it is on a par with A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russel.

    The key is to building a community framework of understanding of the money creation process.
    Famous quotes not withstanding by Henry Ford, and Meyer Rothschild this simple 30 minute talk gives an admirable start to any framework of understanding.

    1. http://www.positivemoney.org.uk/how-banks-create-money/money-destroyed-when-loans-repaid/

    1. https://www.facebook.com/PositiveMoney

    Heres a blog I did regarding my own framework of understanding as it developed.


    I did another on Busy fools, I look back on my business career which was very successful I built a 100 million pound business in 5 years in my 30ś I now see plainly I was a useful idiot just doing the bidding of my Merchant banker financiers.


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    The neo Wittgenstein’s, Showing the Community Fly out of the corporate fascist Bottle. 

    Hi John,

    There is definitely an inertia and apathy problem which is nurtured in the mainstream corporate media. The Types of Activism I engage in seek to address this mass conditioning and feeling of hopelessness a simple google of the term `Cognitive Dissonance`gives a good introduction to the psychology being targeted at the disenfranchised.


    It is through engaging in a participative and collegiate education process that empowerment can be brought back at a local community level and the interaction of community groups can encourage and embolden direct action and civil disengagement from the exploitative mechanisms aimed at communities. The best defence agains a divide and conquer strategy is a sort of guerrilla cell structure that has strong social ties and loyalties that unite around common objectives with other community cells this sort of revolutionary strategy creates a polyphonous hydra of dissonant feeling against the highly centralised Global statist machine.

    If one looks at the Civic Society Group here on Linked in and the Community action group in the UK which I am also a member of and also look at the Positive money campaign very strong communities are already emerging and we take heart from previous struggles seen in the Civil Rights, Women’s Rights and disabled rights struggles and those of the ANC, IRA, PLO and particularly the political wings of those organisations. Non violent means as Ghandi advocated can be even more successful in the internet age and the internet is owned by the Hacker community and open source linux based activists again where I have strong ties with my own activism based around our own cooperative here in Sweden.

    Paulo Friere showed the way for engaging in a positive dialectic between shared learning in community based learning in the favellas of Brazil. My friend Roy Madron has written persuasively and intelligently on these issues from his base in Brazil and Giant figures of the intellectual struggle for plural systems of community decision making such as James Robertson , David Harvey and Noam Chomsky all show the new upcoming Generation that I aspire to be a part of the way to engage at an intellectual level in an approachable way for all of our neighbors and in a powerful academically and scholarly way with the Bureaucrats defending the status quo.

    The Plutocrats will eventually either respond to a Roosevelt type of new deal proposition which will come from the new Statesmen who are yet to Emerge, but politicians such as Kunich and Farage are out riders for the intellectual and mass indignation which will increasingly be heard as the current system continues to crumble and resort to yet more bankrupt actions against problems it creates and that it does not understand due to blind dogmatic desperation. The community activist movement already has many Wittgenstein’s who have already  written  the language that shows the rest of us the way out of this particular bottle.

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    The Swiss Hot bed of Anarchist Democracy and Cynical Bankers. 

    The Swiss System of Government is an interesting one, it is a highly regionalised model based on Cantons and important decisions are made locally within the cantons.
    Switzerland is a rather unusual case in many ways but a case it is for Anarchistic flat organisational structures.
    Here is a link to an interesting Anarchist blog called Government by Contract, based on the Swiss Canton model. Stakeholder oversight and consultation is what prevents the tall poppyś from becoming Triffids.


    In Scandanavia there is a concept of the jantelagen, this is the subject of a blog I did last year on Tall poppyś.


    Solons Reforms and this blog on an ironic reading of Plutarch by a Greek mystified by his own countries travails, also worth a read.


    Finally its the Money Power that requires sorting out to restore some sort of valid representative democracy. This is a very good talk on the Positive money site about
    Money supply destruction as debt is repaid. The parallels to the 1930’s are very scarily analogous, the drums of war are beating ever louder.


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  • rogerglewis 7:47 pm on July 6, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Socratic Management, learning by remembering. 

    In the 1990ś Sir John Harvey Jones ( The retired Chairman of I C I the Chemical Giant) presented a wonderful television series called Trouble shooter, I still have the book. I watched it eagerly as a young man and remember marvelling at the informal yet spellbinding wisdom that Sir John radiated in his trademark managing by walking around.

     fast forward to today and a blog I did last week about Lucian and his Auction of philosophers in the slave Market in Samos and the Pythagorian pitch of what his philosophy offered.” I will not teach you I will remind you.´

    Then we have Socrates and his philosophy and inquiry into the citizens of Athens daily perceptions of reality, government by walking around and remembering by the Famous Socratic method.

    The Socratic school of management is born note bene.

    My vote for the socratic manager of the 21st century is Ricardo Semler(1). the CEO and majority owner of Semco SA, a Brazilian company best known for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering
    Another sensai in the remembering of what we come to know again is Paulo Friere(2) who was also Brazilian.

     remember  Freire’s strong aversion to the teacher-student dichotomy.

    No Tyrants  they.

    Another minstrel and poet for the muse of the new Socratic school of Management is Robert Smith, Front man of The Cure. I was invited to their Show headlining Roskilde last night by Roger O’donnel their Keyboard player a friend of mine, Roger reminds me of Timotheus,(3) Harmonides teacher. Who counsels his pupils not to seek the wisdom of crowds as a crutch for their own self esteem, better, to be admired by ones peers, secure in your own motivations of your trueself.

    I do hope the reference is not construed as ´Jumpin on someone elses train ´

    Moving swiftly on to the point about our Poet our Marsyas(4) and his Guitar, not Flute

    Emblazoned on Robers Schekter Guitar.


    Pythagoras. You will study music and geometry.
    First Dealer. A charming recipe! The way to be wise: learn the guitar.

    And a final Word From Max Ehrman whośe Desiderata(4) sent me in search of a cure for my own amnesia.

    “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
    As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.”

     In isolated elites remote politicians and financiers in far off lands what can they ever hope to be reminded of. Lets remember not to forget our own worth.

    (1)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricardo_Semler

    (2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulo_Freire

    (3) http://www.sacred-texts.com/cla/luc/wl2/wl208.htm.

    (4) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsyas

    (5) http://www.businessballs.com/desideratapoem.htm

    • Toby 9:34 am on July 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      It's good to hear a fellow philosopher sounding (what I think of as) juicily upbeat. This piece is kind of like a jazz-philosophy smorgas for the world weary. I found reading it repleneshing. I hope The Cure were as on song!

    • Roger Lewis 10:12 am on July 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      The cure were great and Reeves Gavrelles the new guitar player was a very cool addition as well I particularly enjoyed their riffing on the top he and Robert really got into it playing off each other for a Jazzer like me and fan of Hendrix to boot that was the highlight for me a musical tour deforce and examination of the intervalis diabolos.

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