Big Brother, yes You Big Brother. WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

Big Brother, yes You Big Brother. WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

  • Tweet For democracy and social justice send a message by setting a trend. We are watching you! represent us? or your mandate will be revoked.

    Parcel of Rogues In a Nation


    I was taken with this song and wanted to learn it , I found /DavieMacs arrangement and decided to have a go at singing along to that we have all been sold no…
  • You like this.
  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis Only me it seems? I am seriously wondering how best to send a message to our Political leadership that as a society we demand representation. It occured to me that the superficial upon which so much is given prominence in the Media is as good a way as any of sending a simple message to them. The message is ´´You are failing to represent our community interests, we are watching you and will withdraw our mandate if you do not start to put our interests first” Withdrawing our mandate can be represented by all sorts of simple protests seemingly insignificant but which add up to a collective rasberry in the direction of the leadership that is failing us and who we wish to replace or put on Report as it were.
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  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis Time to stop the Tail wagging the dog.

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