The apparent Anti Islamist undercurrent in Social Media and the Main Stream.(Are Moslems the Analogue for the Jews in 1930’s Europe?)

A video posted in Facebook which seemed to be causing quite a stir and provoking an outpouring of anti Islamic feeling made me wonder whether or not I was being over sensitive to the Fringe opinions from both Fundamental Nationalist and Fundamental Islamist being painted as widely held by the largely moderate opinion of most?

The Video.

  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis I watched the Video, I do not see how it is representative of either the wider  Islamic community in the UK or of the British Community either. I actually found it very silly, I do not agree with the extremist message of the gentleman the young lady was speaking with but at the same time I wonder what the motivation of the young lady and that of the film makers is.
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  • Tom Caswell Her motivation is to show what kind of scum we have in this country at the moment. Oh but of course I’m not allowed to say that am I? You know, racism only exists against minorities and not against the white man. They can do as they please, come and go when they want. Deport them now!
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  • Bethany Rose Hiscock why are they in this country if they hate it so much?!?
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  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis Tom you can say what you like and so can everybody else when everyone has shouted as loud as they can to drown out the other point of view and called each other all the names under the sun the net result will be the generation of far more heat than Light. The head Lines use of the word Infiltration is interesting. In what way is it an infiltration? certainly it does not seem to be a covert operation of any sort and a wider Islamic conspiracy would seem fanciful. Other infiltrations of the covert kind seem to lurk in the subtext of the Main Stream Medias anti Islamic message on the other invective I think the film fails to make any intelligent points moving towards any sensible resolution of real issues after all two wrongs do not make a right- Can you think of any genuine grievances that these people may have against policing of their community? It’s certainly a sensible question to consider.
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  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis a freind asked me this question-
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  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis ps. what’s the stockholm riots..real
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  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis On the riots in Stockholm Mike i am not sure. there is a wider subtext of anti islamic feeling in the main stream media and an aspect of >Agent provocateur activity as an excuse to crack down on moslems ahead of an attack on Iran would be my best guess. Swedish security forces may well have assisted in the attempted entrapment of Julian Assange, it is by no means impossible that the situation is being deliberately provoked. The message would be along the lines of even if the tolerant pinko swedes can’t deal with these people what chance have the rest of us got?

    UKIP’s recent successes in Local Government elections in the UK were reported in some quarters as a result of anti immigration feelings. I follow Nigel Farrage and felt that the support for UKIP was based upon the Anti European Union STance on Austerity and the Begarring of the Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc by the ECB and its pursuit for Monetary Union and advancement of the EURO experiment against the interests of the vast majority of the populations of the individual state members. Personally I saw the UKIP success as a vote for Economic and monetary reform.

    These sentiments do seem to be stirred up always in times of Economic woes and it seems to me deliberately to distract from the real cause of the problems of ordinary people which is the Debt Based monetary system.

    I do see calls for Sharia Law in a secular European State as Absurd, there is nothing to stop observance of religious belief and nor should there be . It is absurd to think there is any danger of the demands of a very small minority becoming enacted to apply to the Vast majority of the population. Whilst the monetary System does impose a dictatorship of the Plutocrats by stealth on an unwitting populace by the institutionalisation and privatisation of USURY we can iusefully look back on one area of Sharia Law that of Sharia Finance where the Early CHurch of the Christian peoples and Islam agreed also in line with the Wisdom of the ancients USURY is wrong and a root of much evil. The Alligned western powers subscribing to the hedgemonic western central banking model which is usurious and criminal clearly fear the possibility of a properly credit based money power which would be much more egalitarian and show the current dominant system at its insidious worse and as the Fraud it is on the citizens of the world labouring under its Yoke..

    (Are Moslems the Analogue for the Jews in 1930’s Europe?)