Fresh From the Archives: Todos Somos Argentinos

Raging Bull-shit

In what Zerohedge has described as “nothing but pure politics between a president (one who generously rewards his backers and bundlers and cracks down on his opponents, such as S&P) and one of his wealthiest republican critics,” it appears that Barack Obama is entertaining the possibility of entering the fray between one of the world’s most ruthless venture capitalists, Paul Singer, and the Argentinean government. And (obviously) for all the wrong reasons — most of important of which is to protect his primary financial backers on Wall Street, including the usual suspects JP Morgan Chase, Citi and Goldman Sachs.

For all those of you who want to know more about this fascinating tale of one man’s struggle to destroy the eighth largest country in the world (in terms of territory) and how it could, in the very worst case scenario, trigger the mother of all financial maelstroms, here’s a…

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