The irony of reading Plutarch

The domain for this great site covering the greek crisis and more has expired I am re blogging so that it remains searchable and readable.

When the Crisis hit the Fan

I read a short essay by Plutarch yesterday. It’s 2.000-year-old text against the notion of borrowing. “Against borrowing money” is the essay’s title and it’s part of his book on Morals.

Of course he wasn’t an economist so you won’t find financial doctrines in it. But the simple fact of reading a Greek ancestor who has written simple ideas on the notion of borrowing/lending makes it, well, ironic if not tragic.

And then we go back to our news channels and our dear government and we listen things like “we didn’t know” or “there was no alternative”.

Go on, give it a try, it’s long but not too much.

Sec. I. Plato in his Laws [881] does not permit neighbours to use one another’s water, unless they have first dug for themselves as far as the clay, and reached ground that is unsuitable for a well. For clay…

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The Iron Law of Oligarchy.

I posted a comment at Truth Dig which I decided to write as a Blog post as well just to bring together some of my Reading on Elites and Oligarchy. Chris Hedges article is here. http://www.truthdig.com/report/page2/the_illusion_of_freedom_20151227''We must seize this splendid opportunity to get to meet with them, talk with them, win their trust, hopefully win them… Continue reading The Iron Law of Oligarchy.