Hangin SCADS

Hanging Scads.

In the 2000 presidential election, many votes were left uncounted in the critical Florida vote. Governor Jeb Bush and his election director, a Bush republican party activist, happily declared there was nothing to see here, Mr Bush´s Brother George had won fair and square. God Bless America and American Democracy. There is plenty of reportage from the time and Analysis after the event and I do not intend to give my own exposition. The 2000 election is a cause for concern at a minimum.

Other issues regarding second and third candidates and their ability to debate on the big national stage are also of concern to the democratic process. Suffice to say consent is manufactured with painstaking attention to petty fogging detail where it involves maintaining the two party monopoly on US power politics. Spin, an examination of the 1992 presidential election is another good starting point, from the satellite and not the Internet age the live satellite feeds being something akin to todays Wikileaks Podesta/Clinton email bonanza. And then there is Project Veritas.

On Project Veritas, if you have not heard of it you have just not been paying attention like the rest of the main stream media. Project Veritas is an echo of a constant theme my argument Hanging Chads point to SCADS. State Crimes Against Democracy.

Lance Dehaven who coined the term SCAD explains it thus

I coined the term “State Crimes Against Democracy” in a peer-reviewed article published by Administrative Theory and Praxis, the journal of the Public Administration Theory Network.  SCADs are defined as “concerted actions or inactions by government insiders intended to manipulate democratic processes and undermine popular sovereignty.”  Until recently, scholarly research on political criminality has given little attention to antidemocratic conspiracies in high office, focusing instead on graft, bribery, embezzlement, and other forms of government corruption where the aim is personal enrichment rather than social control, partisan advantage, or political power.  However, SCADs are far more dangerous to democracy than these other, more mundane forms of political criminality because of their potential to subvert political institutions and entire governments or branches of government.”

Many may be familiar with the term Tammany Hall, a breed of politics replete with glorious back scratching. Baloo in Jungle book is a mental picture one could usefully adopt for the affectionate way political elites from both sides of the two party monopoly view the game of fooling the plebs.

Article 21 of the United Nation’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that

“The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”.

No one has any business stealing elections. Shutting down minority voices or voices of dissent by the main Stream media is another not so subtle way of vote rigging. Rigging of the mechanical process and arithmetical integrity of votes actually cast has happened in recent US elections, it happened on a huge scale in the New York and California Democratic primaries this year, in the suppresion of support for Bernie Sanders. If all is fair in love and war and if the republican Tammany machine were at the disposal of Mr Trump perhaps we could just enjoy the spectacle in World Wide Wrestlings best traditions of flouting the rules and blind siding the referree. Mr Trump does not have the Republican machine in his corner, so has no one to tag? thats not a fair fight even a fight where the unwritten rule is that the rules are supposed to be broken?


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