November The 5th, Bonfires Flames and Embers ( a poem)

November The 5th.
Bonfires Flames and Embers
Around the bonfires stand communities
Children Burn Sparklers and Adults Candles
Effigies atop the bonfire fear the flames
At the seat of the Fire Embers Accumulate
Dreaming at Home Communities retire
Slumber hangs over the Town
The Bonfire smolders unobserved
Effigies, Sparklers and Candles All Embers Now
Flames lick the skies spectacular
Sparklers delight and perform fleetingly
Candles support but one fragile flame
Embers , wax and Magnesia
Calliopsis or Magnesia fueled from embers
The Health of the embers combustible flames
Who celebrates the embers endeavors
Who sees the symbiosis of the combustion and the fuel
All fate leads into the embers
All Embers fate to blow as dust
All Flames from the embers driven
Do the flames celebrate the embers for their finery?


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