Sunday Morning LOLS. Knowing Me Knowing You.

An amusing case of ad hominem by proxy. 
I remember three instances of being told about myself, one involving an escaped pig which; whilst in hot pursuit of said pig and holding up Traffic on the boundary of my Country Estate, being told all about myself by a Gentleman I had never met. Another similar encounter with trespassers who told me to my face they had my permission even though we had never met, and how I had better watch my step with them as they knew my boss the owner of the Estate (i.e They knew me, but did not know I was me? I did not declare my true identity in either of these encounters not wishing to embarrass my unwanted and previously unknown friends.). 
Another time, I remember sitting at a Cafe on the Croisette in Cannes at the MIPIM Jamboree and being told by some PR Type of a Disreputable Scoundrel at the Conference and of that scoundrel´s many and various sins. The PR person who was something of an authority on my supposed misdeeds had clearly never seen a photograph of me or indeed met me. When he finished his case for the prosecution and had pronounced his sentence he looked back at me for approval. I simply shook his hand introduced myself as the subject of his prosecution and enquired if I might buy him a drink.
Life is a little different these days, but in the cafe society of internet discourse, I had a little chuckle to myself with this morning’s entreaty to caution of the motives of the Author of a certain blog!

Alan Meekings Work Hello everyone, If you’ve not had the opportunity to read Ian Dunt’s excellent paperback book, “BREXIT: What The Hell Happens Now?” (available on Amazon at…/dp/0995497826), I can strongly recommend it. It explains, in exquisite detail, why Brexit is doomed to failure.

Obviously, none of our local politicians (who cravenly supported Brexit), understand this stuff, as do few voters locally – albeit this is not their fault. They’ve been systematically duped and misled by decades of rapidly anti-EU propaganda by a combination of: (a) our highest-selling, popular daily newspapers, like the Mail, Express, Sun and Telegraph: (b) UKIP; and (c) the extreme right-wing of the Conservative Party.

In order to counteract this misleading information and communicate a pro-EU perspective locally, we’ve recently established a Lincolnshire Branch of the cross-party European Movement, which Sir Winston Churchill helped create in 1947 – see article in this in this week’s Lincolnshire Free Press attached.

Do you know of anyone who’d like to join this new branch of the European Movement and support our future cross-party campaigning? The great benefit of us being in the European Movement is that we’re not pushing any particular party but, instead, seeking to communicate a positive, optimistic perspective on the benefits remaining in the EU … which the Remain Campaign singularly failed to do – hence the mess in which we all now find ourselves.


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