Malone: Ungarbled Pt 2.

Hi Bill, Another great read here, I have been getting a transcript proof read, and have also split the interview into Sections with timings in the description. I am managing an ongoing targetted campaign for Davids GP profile and so I am building a searchable index cross-referenced to Meta Data for some digital marketing gizmo developed by a friend. Meta Data is a curious sort of stitch in time saves nine world of pain and boredom, but its nice to get a break and have your blogs to read. I was also over on the Slog catching up on Johns Stuff. I do hope he will interview David as well in a Live Stream, I would actually pay good money to see that I think they would make a fascinating mixture of world views and approaches.There are some readings by David of debt generation in this playlist too.

bill40: PROgressive MOmentum


Everybody Is Wrong About Everything. (Except Me)

In the next segment David and Roger discuss Neo-Liberalism (NL) which I attempted to do here and here. David, of course gets straight down to everything I missed, the fact that both sides, left and right, got the analysis right and the solution wrong. Both sides want to place the blame on the other side for the GFC but the blame lies squarely on the side of the banks who ramped up unrepayable debts. In doing so they created Too Big To Fail institutions who could hold a gun to the nation’s head with impunity and they did. The left have a point it was the banks. The right also have a point that the vaguely Keynesian response was to throw money unproductive at moribund banks. Both sides are correct and need to stop shouting across each other and accept what actually…

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