SKRIPAL: Race-card games at Westminster as 81 Novichok patents found in the US.

Theresa May is the Stalinist, I am not sure what Corbyn Is? A Trot I guess.

The Slog.

methoughtful Labour in Old Race Scandal, Tories in New Race Scandal. What started as an observation about Jeremy Corbyn’s embrace of anti-Semitism in the past (service ball via Tory spin HQ) has been returned by a Labour volley blasting what Mother Theresa did as Home Secretary to West Indians. Meanwhile, thanks to some solid investigative journalism, Russian claims that more Novichok is available in the US than the RF have been proved correct.


The old masthead at The Slog used to say everything now is distortion and distraction. Not much has changed in the eight years since.

What should be the top news story today will be ignored completely by the old Western media, because it fires yet another torpedo into the Skripal hoax, which was of course the ‘Sarajevo moment’ that led to the Missile strike against Assad.

We’ve already seen in these columns how 70 out of…

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