BREXIT EXCLUSIVE: proof that March 31st changes are for real, ominous signs that Theresa May isn’t.

The Slog Called everything Correctly Bar the Destruction of Mays Majority by A Resurgent Labour with Corbyn at the helm. The #Brino Fix was though In and still is being twisted into the heart of democracy.
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The Slog.

mefacebook The clean-break Brexit 52% of us voted for is being eroded, and the speed of exit obstructed. Nine months have been wasted, the EU is already inventing excuses to do nothing, a so-called Brexit Government is watering down expectations, and its unelected leader continues to exploit developments for her own ends. If Theresa May is an egalitarian One Nation Brexiteer Tory, then Jean-Claude Juncker is a teetotal libertarian. 

If you doubt the reality of the above, then you may also have doubted the points I made last year about the importance of March 31st as a date after which Brussels can easily turn Brexit into a nightmare….if we let it.

Since I posted this piece on June 29th 2016, it has evoked 121 comments and been viewed by 64,757 people….making it the 5th most visited Slogpost of all time.

The minute it began to attract traffic, I was in receipt…

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