What Caroline Lucas can do about the Green vote collapse

An interesting critique of the Presidential Style of the Lucas Bartley Regime at the Green Party.

Green Citizens' Basic Income

Did the Progressive Alliance cause the 55% slump in 2017 Green votes as compared with 2015? No, but Caroline Lucas has been leading us in the wrong direction.

This is a last ditch appeal to the Green Party leadership. It is not primarily a criticism, but I do believe that Caroline has been following a path which was bound to lead to just this disaster.

Please read my last three blogs, 8th, 10th and 18th June, but here is a recap of how we got where we are:

In 1973 (what became) the Green Party was formed in response to the MIT warnings in ‘Limits to Growth’ that we were reaching  the limits of the ecosphere to cope with human  economic activity.

I joined, pointing out to the founder members’ alarm, that they had just formed a wildly socialist party, because the ‘steady state’ economy…

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Malone: Ungarbled Pt 2.

Hi Bill, Another great read here, I have been getting a transcript proof read, and have also split the interview into Sections with timings in the description. I am managing an ongoing targetted campaign for Davids GP profile and so I am building a searchable index cross-referenced to Meta Data for some digital marketing gizmo developed by a friend. Meta Data is a curious sort of stitch in time saves nine world of pain and boredom, but its nice to get a break and have your blogs to read. I was also over on the Slog catching up on Johns Stuff. I do hope he will interview David as well in a Live Stream, I would actually pay good money to see that I think they would make a fascinating mixture of world views and approaches.There are some readings by David of debt generation in this playlist too.

bill40: Progressive Momentum


Everybody Is Wrong About Everything. (Except Me)

In the next segment David and Roger discuss Neo-Liberalism (NL) which I attempted to do here and here. David, of course gets straight down to everything I missed, the fact that both sides, left and right, got the analysis right and the solution wrong. Both sides want to place the blame on the other side for the GFC but the blame lies squarely on the side of the banks who ramped up unrepayable debts. In doing so they created Too Big To Fail institutions who could hold a gun to the nation’s head with impunity and they did. The left have a point it was the banks. The right also have a point that the vaguely Keynesian response was to throw money unproductive at moribund banks. Both sides are correct and need to stop shouting across each other and accept what actually…

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WASPI ALERT: as long as ethical knuckle-draggers with birdbrain logic can tweet rubbish about the SPA scandal, retired British women will suffer injustice.

June 26, 2017 at 3:53 am
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What strikes Me about the Waspi pensions fraud, because fraud is what it is, is not the fraud which we expect from this Financial Services Regime. But the implicit assumption that pensions and National Insurance are funded from interest or dividend interest from past premiums.

You mention that the DWP pensions attaching to their Functionaries are similarly unfunded and that is a stab in the direction of the lacuna I see in the whole question.

This question returns back to the “Magic Money Tree”, money is just an IOU it is a claim voucher, a Rain Check, a receipt for value surrendered now for future use. The best explanation for me appeared a year or two back in an Article explaining the unspoken and Taboo issue that no one would broach in the Swiss Referendum on Universal Basic Income.

Here is a link and the Main Meat of its Argument.

” ´However, the nearly universal misunderstanding of money is a major obstacle. For too long we’ve allowed a small coterie of bankers and “court economists” to hold the secrets and “tutor” us. So, it’s time for total openness.
First, regarding the claim that the Swiss proposal would’ve been too costly, what’s entirely omitted from the discussion is that the proposal (and similar proposals elsewhere) appear to call for re-distribution of existing money—taking money from certain sectors through taxation and re-allocating it to the people-at-large.
The implication is that the money supply is basically static and that re-distributing limited funds would require tough budget decisions—sparking tax hikes and associated spending increases in several areas; hence the claim “costs too much.”
But a successful basic-income plan can and must be based on the creation of new money, or “distributism,” not on reshuffling existing money, which is “re-distributism.” That’s the “state secret” that no one wants to touch.
The issuance of new money needs to happen to overcome the huge “gap” between today’s paltry purchasing power and the massive mountain of debt and the towering totality of prices on all available goods and services. We have full stores and empty wallets. (Ideally and importantly, governments should reclaim their interest-free money-creation rights and forbid private central banks from creating money any longer).”´´


It all really comes back to Debt and Leverage, The whole debate is founded upon a basic logical mistake of what Money is, The conflicting functions of money and the inherent conflict of interest that Financialised Capitalism as Poacher and Gamekeeper reserves to its self.

The Slog.

crasstwatThe moronically divisive tweet above appeared on Twitter over the weekend. Mr Groves (who looks on his homepage like a 40-something) could be forgiven…..if it wasn’t clear that he is ‘ex-CEO of Partnership Group, ex-NED Guardian Financial Services, ex-NED at ERC. Current marathon runner, angel investor, PE adviser, Chair of Retirement Bridge.’

God help civilisation if the Chairman of Retirement Bridge is this densely ignorant on page 1 of The Book of Demographic Justice.

I’m not going to linger long on a banal and superficial “opinion” with all the profundity of post-drought Saharan puddles. The step by step deconstruction unfolds as follows:

  • The missing overture: A promise is a promise. The promise was broken with only the last 20 years of a 60 year term to go, after which blatant lies were told by Westminster and Whitehall about how this had been communicated to Waspi women. Had this taken place…

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David Malone: Ungarbled (I Hope) Pt.1

A wonderful Blog from Bill40, A GolemXIV original and now with the New Golem MK2, Progressive Momentum. A joy to read and a tonic and red pill against the dinosaur dead tree Media.

bill40: Progressive Momentum


Roger Lewis and David Malone: One Interview To Unite Them All.

First of all, I’d like to introduce the interviewer Roger Lewis (left) who was, to me, most unexpected in his approach, the interview was no love in and he was not afraid to challenge David on the basis of his own views and outlook, for example on Brexit. I only know Roger through the blogosphere and the first surprise to me was his appearance. I’d imagined him as the type who went to bed in a suit and tie and only slightly loosened his collar when the temperature exceeded 35 degrees celsius. Instead I was confronted by a sanitised version of Catweasle! Long flowing locks and moustache, I hope he’ll forgive the Catweasle reference, casual clothes but a razor-sharp mind. There was an obvious chemistry between the two so even in times of disagreement there was no shouting across…

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More Tory Election Fraud. Inside the Secretive Tory Election Call Centre.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RWPwdqpzO0Thanet is still in question from 2015,There is also the Voter ID scam being cooked up by them at the moment.This alone should be enough to force Mrs May to Resign, and possibly for a vote of no confidence in the Government, There are a lot of Scandals and questions over DUP being used to… Continue reading More Tory Election Fraud. Inside the Secretive Tory Election Call Centre.


Facts are facts and Science Science, Even on FaceBook. Maybe not in the Cult of Green?

Pippa Bartolotti5 hrs · In 1962 Humble Energy, a division of the company that would go on to be known as Exxon, ran a full page ad in Life Magazine boasting about their ability to melt glaciers. A few years after running that ad, their scientists warned the company’s executives that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels… Continue reading Facts are facts and Science Science, Even on FaceBook. Maybe not in the Cult of Green?


An interesting discussion on analysis of the Progressive Alliance and seats where the Greens Stepped aside?

Mike ShoneJune 20 at 12:33am · Greens “standing down”: the effect on the Tory total in ParliamentLabour made 28 gains and Lib. Dems 5 from Tories on election day in England and Wales (they also had a few losses).In these 33 gains from Tories , Greens fielded candidates in twenty-two constituencies. We stood aside in eleven. It… Continue reading An interesting discussion on analysis of the Progressive Alliance and seats where the Greens Stepped aside?


Winston Smith Defends the Memory Hole

Roger LewisYesterday at 8:37amA discussion about Tommy Robinson was deleted this morning. Censorship of this type has no place in a supposedly socialist and democratic community online or in local parties. http://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/…/authentic-di… I was about to take a screen grab of the discussion which I usually do when the PC police seem to be lurking sadly the… Continue reading Winston Smith Defends the Memory Hole


The Winston Smiths of the Face Book Memory Hole.( The Establishments on line divide and rule strategy. )

The Winston Smiths of the Facebook Memory Hole.Member of Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us to 2017 VICTORY, I'm backing Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister and We support Jeremy Corbyn8:48AMHi Kay, A long discussion about Tommy robinson was deleted this morning. I think that it was a shame as I believe that a wedge is being driven… Continue reading The Winston Smiths of the Face Book Memory Hole.( The Establishments on line divide and rule strategy. )


The Green Party Response to Trumps Tomohawk Cruise Missile Attack on Syria.( Interview Prep for David Malone , Golem XIV Blog)

I am preparing my notes for a Full Interview with  David Malone of the Golem XIV Blog Next Week.David and I are friends and in many ways fellow political Travellers, we do Disagree about the CO2 APGW Hypothesis on which I am Agnostic at Best, enough to be burnt at the stake by true believers… Continue reading The Green Party Response to Trumps Tomohawk Cruise Missile Attack on Syria.( Interview Prep for David Malone , Golem XIV Blog)